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Date: Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Speakers: Dr. Hal Berghel

Time: 6:30 PM (PT) Networking/Refreshments, 7:00 PM Presentation

Registration: Please register in advance at the bottom of this page

Location: Cadence / Bldg 10, 2655 Seely Ave, San Jose, CA (map)

This month’s speaker is provided by the Distinguished Speaker’s Program of the IEEE Computer Society.


This talk begins with an overview of the role of crime in general, and digital crime in particular, in the shadow economies of the world. It illustrates this via a sequence of specific criminal activities that have been studied by the author. This talk will explain the latest digital crime scene in terms of sources, modus operandi, and the digital techniques involved. Examples will be drawn from actual case files and published media reports, and the techniques will be explained and in some cases actually demonstrated. Exploits include: bank card skimming, ATM hacking, digital gas pump hijacking, phishing scams, bank card brokering and internet dumpsites, hotel room invasions, physical counterfeiting (e.g., Superdollar), digital counterfeiting and some brute-force techniques as well. If your organization is interested in the latest digital exploits of the denizens of digital darkness, this talk is for you. (100 slides; 45-50 minutes plus Q&A. categories: digital crime, electronic crime, shadow economies, computer crime, hacking, bank fraud, Internet fraud.

Speaker bio:

Dr. Hal Berghel is currently Professor of Computer Science at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas where he has previously served as Director of the School of Computer Science and Associate Dean of the College of Engineering. He is also the founding Director of the Identity Theft and Financial Fraud Research and Operations Center. His research interests are wide-ranging within the binary and digital ecosystem, ranging from logic programming and expert systems, relational database design, algorithms for non-resolution based inferencing, approximate string matching, digital watermarking and steganography, and digital security (including both computer and network forensics). Since the mid-1990′s he has applied his work in digital security to law enforcement, particularly with respect to digital crime, cyberterrorism, and information warfare. His research has been supported by both industry and government for over thirty years. His most recent work in secure credentialling technology was funded by the Department of Justice. In addition to his academic positions, Berghel is also a popular columnist, author, frequent, talk show guest, inventor, and keynote speaker. For nearly fifteen years he wrote the popular Digital Village column for the Communications of the ACM.

Berghel is a Fellow of both the Institute for Electrical and Electronics Engineers and the Association for Computing Machinery, and serves both societies as a Distinguished Visitor and Distinguished Lecturer, respectively. He has received the ACM Outstanding Lecturer of the Year Award four times and was recognized for Lifetime Achievement in 2004. He has also received both the ACM Outstanding Contribution and Distinguished Service awards. He is also the founder and owner of Berghel.Net, a consultancy serving business and industry, and co-owner of BC Innovations Management, a startup company in IP and DRM.


No part of this presentation may be recorded.




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