Afterword (January 19, 2015)

The official ‘truth' continues to be a moving target ( ; ). The latest revelation by the FBI and NSA is that they were monitoring North Korean network traffic all along so they could easily trace the traffic back to the source in real time.  This explanation seems the more likely than earlier ones.  However, this version still doesn't seem complete.  For one thing, it leaves open the question why the government didn't use a tech company intermediary to inform Sony to tweak their firewalls.

I look at these latest revelations as but the last attempt  to find some story that simultaneously satisfies the public curiosity, deflects media criticism, and doesn't make the agencies involved look incompetent.  The intelligence agencies don't seem to understand that when a story arc begins with an absurdity or falsehood, the audience will never willingly suspend disbelief  through to the final act.  I still claim that critical pieces of the narrative on the Sony hack are missing, and that there's more to this than meets the proverbial eye.  Stay tuned.